Saturday, 2 March 2013

Six reasons why Adrian Sutil's F1 career has been revived

By Mark Ace - 3 March 2013

Faced with an uncertain future in F1 after being charged with physical assault, Adrian has come back from the doldrums to be announced as the second Force India driver.

There are numerous reasons why Adrian has been given a second chance, which, in this fiercely competitive driver market, is very much a rarity.

Bob Fernley, Deputy Team Principal of Force India has provided some logical reasons. But there are other reasons why Sutil was selected over Jules Bianchi.

1. Experience

"It was a difficult decision to pick Adrian Sutil over Jules Bianchi, but that the German's experience swayed it in his favour" said Fernley."

Sutil with over 90 race starts, has 90 races more, than Bianchi. Also, Sutil has additional knowledge that could help Force India beat their nearest rivals.

2. Beating Sauber

"In 2011 and 2012 we were actually behind and didn't really get going until after Barcelona."

It is clear that Force India was in the hunt to beat Sauber, but after a race podium for Sergio Perez in Monza, and a podium for Kamui Kobayashi at Suzuka, Sauber scored 126 points, over Force India's 109. Without these vital points, Force India may have beaten Sauber.

"We are hopeful we can start as we finished off last year - we finished in the points at the last nine races in 2012. More importantly, when those podium opportunities come along this year we have to take them" said a team representative.

3. Speed

"It is as if he had never been away. Last week he just jumped in the car and within 20 laps he was up to speed and was very relaxed and not finding anything too difficult."

In 2011, Sutil scored 42 points to Di Resta's 27. But events of 2011 mean Sutil had to sit on the side lines.

4. Mercedes Engine Deal

The Bianchi deal could have been tied in with a Ferrari Engine deal. However, Force India may be keen to keep it's strong technical partnership with Mercedes and McLaren. It is known that Force India use the McLaren simulator and wind tunnel.

Also, Sutil is German. Mercedes is a German brand.

Indeed a change in engine deal may reduce Force India's technical resources, and create a conflict in interest with the Ferrari and Sauber relationship.

"But we have to make decisions that are best for the team and the shareholders" said Fernley.

5. Kingfisher Airline Debts and Pay Driver

It has been widely reported that Kingfisher is in financial strife. Adrian Sutil brings in substantial sponsorship funding. It would be in Force India's interest to take on a pay driver given Vijay's other projects.

6. Vijay Mallya's relationship with Adrian

Vijay has always gotten along well with Adiran and openly showed his support in Sutil's darkest days. Sutil is known as the Vijay's "Prodical Son."

Back in October 2011, Vijay suggested that Adrian would be considered for a seat in their car: "Never forget I always have the potential of considering Sutil again. Sutil is always quick. So there are many options. I would certainly consider him.”

And clearly, Vijay's preference for Sutil has come to pass.


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