Friday, 29 March 2013

Mclaren-Honda: The deal is done

By Editor - 29 March 2013

The formidable McLaren-Honda-Senna partnership

As rumours of Honda's comeback to F1 gains momentum, F1 commentator James Allen has revealed that a deal has already been struck between McLaren and Honda. With his sources in the F1 paddock, James states that the "deal is done for Honda (and McLaren)."

Also, according to Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, Honda has already started it's engine development campaign by contracting  the services of foreign F1 engineers who have begun work. However, the new Honda V6-turbo powertrain will not be seen until 2015.

Since their very successful partnership during the late eighties, the timing is now perfect for the former partners to reunite.

With the introduction of the new V6 turbo engine regulations in 2014, Honda have found the right climate to justify a return to Formula 1. FIA president Jean Jodt has a vision for an eco-friendly F1 which seems congruent Honda's own vision. As such, Honda sees this as an opportunity to resume the development of F1 engine technology which will then be passed onto to it's passenger cars.

For McLaren, motivation to switch engine suppliers derives from the surprising poaching of ex-McLaren star driver Lewis Hamilton and McLaren technical director Paddy Lowe by current engine partner, Mercedes. Something Ron Dennis would see as betrayal. No doubt some McLaren chiefs are still licking their wounds over this, but some pride can be restored by a switch to Honda engines.

In response, Mercedes have stated that they intend to protect themselves by attempting to prevent (or at least minimise) the transfer of intellectual property.

"You can never completely prevent a transfer of technology know-how," said Wolff, CEO of Mercedes F1, "But we can try to protect ourselves."

Mercedes have also just recently announced a long-term engine supply agreement with Force India which will see Force India run the new Mercedes turbo engines as of 2014. The signing of German Adrian Sutil seems to be intertwined in this deal - as we reported on earlier this year.

So an impending McLaren-Honda era has been confirmed.

But who will be their Senna?


  1. Kevin Magnussen will be their new senna

  2. Well if they am taking Honda engines, are they building their own gear boxes or will Honda give those as well? Current ones are mercs.