Monday, 4 March 2013

Telling Hamilton from Rosberg - Helmet Design

By Editor - 4 March 2013

Both Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton sport yellow crash helmets. Neither wanted to change their colours as both are now jockeying for the more dominant role in the team. Given their similar helmet designs, how will fans and commentators alike, tell the difference between them on track?

Look at the above photo. Are you able recognise the drivers?

One F1 commentator suggests that the two can be distinguished by "The roll hoops; the T shaped TV camera mounted on the roll hoop of the lead car (Rosberg) will have a black camera and Hamilton will be day-glow yellow."

This is certainly one way, but there is an easier way. If you know what to look out for.

The first image above is Nico Rosberg. Notice just above the visor, there is a grey square patch (with the hard-to-see Mercedes symbol).

The second image is Hamilton. Notice the yellow patch just above the visor.

You can also distinguish the drivers by Nico's fluorescent yellow, compared to Lewis's darker yellow (tending towards orange).

The image below demonstrates this better.

Now we can all support our favourite driver (whether it be Lewis or Nico), without any cases of mistaken identity.


  1. The T camera on the smaller numbered car (HAM) will be red whereas the higher number car (ROS) will be yellow as per FIA regulations

    1. The red was changed to black this year, as per FIA regulations.

  2. A much easier way to tell is that the leading Mercedes F1 car in front will be Hamilton! LOL!!!

  3. Boring designs, I really like what Vettel does with his helmets. He is certainly the champion when it comes to helmet designs.

  4. All this is ok but means nothing ,results are what really matters