Friday, 29 March 2013

Webber stops for a koala: Would Vettel?

By Editor - 29 March 2013

Mark knows when to stop. Would Sebastian?

While in his homeland Australia, recovering from the aftermath of the Malaysian Grand Prix, Mark Webber stopped his car abruptly for koala bear ambling down the road.

He took a snapshot of the incident and tweeted: “Stopped in my tracks. He’s on a mission the little fella.”

Could his statement be a cheeky jibe at Sebastian (the little fella), who was also on a mission recently?

Fellow tweeters caught on with his Aussie humour, responding with:

“Good man. Vettel would have hit the other pedal (by mistake of course)” and  "Wish they'd drop a (real) bear on Vettel."

Perhaps Mark's medicine is working after all.


  1. Pathetic(!) Webber and his fanboys need to grow up, dry their eyes and get over it.

    1. yes exactly!

    2. Pathetic(!) comment. At least Webber doesn't suck Helmut C0ck

  2. This is just normal. Killing a koala bear is an invitation to jail in Australia. Australians are very serious about nature and I believe Mark is not mixing things in such a stupid way. He wasn't racing the little fellow. Thumbs up.

  3. Haha, this is humor!

  4. While weber was enjoying the surf in australia, and stopping for koalas, vettel was in a wind tunnel working on the car with the team at head office.

  5. I do not approve of what Vettel did, but to insinuate that he would deliberately hit a koala is cheap fanboy stuff. Of course he would have stopped.

  6. I'm just happy that all this nonsense is distracting people from the Mercedes debacle.