Friday, 5 April 2013

Alonso vs Massa...Who will win?

By Editor - 5 April 2013

The Ferrari duo battling it out

Massa has out qualified Alonso in an unprecedented four consecutive times in four races. He has also scored more points than Alonso so far (22 to 18). Felipe Massa is beginning to show the same form he did when he almost won the 2008 championship.

However, it may not mean that this trend will continue. If we analyse the last four Ferrari qualifying sessions, we will see how the Massa was able to out-qualify Alonso.

Starting with this year's opening races in Melbourne and Malaysia, we saw how in both instances, rain disrupted the qualifying sessions. This has helped to mix up the grid. In both Q3 sessions, Massa set his best time after Alonso. This meant that Massa was able to take advantage of a drying track to beat his teammate.

Turn the clock back to the last two races of 2012, to the US GP and the Brazilian GP. In those races, Massa ran an updated rear wing giving him an advantage. With the issues regarding wind tunnel correlation, Alonso chose the more conservative route and opted no to use the updates - Fernando had more to lose after all. In effect, Massa was running a different spec car which gave him an advantage in qualifying.

Despite this, no doubt Felipe Massa is finding the F138 to his liking. The 2012 F150th Italia was a difficult car to drive and Felipe struggled in it. However Ferrari have brought a more balanced car to the table and Massa is showing what he can do in a good car.

The fact that Massa has upped his game means that the racing between the two Ferrari drivers will be tight. Will Alonso be able to repeat his 2012 form and demonstrate the familiar dominance we expect from him? Or will a resurgent Felipe Massa beat his teammate and earn his spot in red beyond 2013?


  1. There are a hell of a lot of if's in this article. Isn't choosing the time to go out on track also part of a great driver's experience? Personally I hope that Massa comes good this season!

  2. Mr. Editor,
    Alonso may have been better than Massa in the past but that does not mean he cannot be beaten by Massa this year.
    I like Alonso too but Massa will sure beat him this year. Sorry Mr. Editor but you are sorely mistaken.

  3. better luck next year editror
    this is Massa year

  4. Do you think you r objective?!? I dont think so!

  5. Every dog has it's day.

  6. Chief Editor - Stuart Neo:

    We thank you for your comments. The author has been asked to re-write parts of the article for your viewing pleasure.

  7. Nice article. I am happy (and kind of surprised) that we at last have found at least one journalist that seems objective and knowledgeable. I do not know, but maybe the word objective is not part of brittish language, in England (?), as most of seem to suffer from short memory syndrome in that they very quickly forget about history and facts, and only remember what has happened in the last 3 races (or what suits them and their agendas).
    It is very clear given stats from last 60 (yes sixty) races, for those with memory, that Alonso DESTROYS Massa. Actually, not only Massa - he destorys destroys Hamilton who most often than not have had a faster car during those 60 (yes sixty) races. The stats are there - open your eyes and read.