Monday, 1 April 2013

Ecclestone arrested in Germany over Gribkowksy Bribery Case

By Editor - 1 April 2013

Bernie Eccelstone pounced on by German police

Bernie Eccelstone was arrested by German police earlier today as he attended an Easter Mass in Germany. Mr Eccelstone had secretly flown into Berlin by private jet to meet with the organisers of the Nurburgring GP to be held later this year.

His arrest follows allegations that Bernie Eccelstone bribed former chief risk officer Gerhard Gribkowsky in order to guarantee the sale of Formula 1 to CVC.

The FOM boss was heavily tackled by members of German Federal Police as he attempted run the gaunlet from the alter to his waiting Bentley outside of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin.

As he was forced into the a police van, he was heard hollering "I didn't do it! I'm innocent!" The paparazzi who were quick at the scene, took photos of the dramatic raid but offered little assistance as the now distraught Eccelstone began offering 10 million pounds to anyone who could help him escape.

Sources say that Bernie was allowed the obligatory phone call, but unfortunately his called to Michael Schumacher resulted in a voice message, with Michael unconvincingly stating that he was enjoying his retirement at his ranch.

Bail has been set for 10 billion euros as the German courts are keen on detaining the elusive F1 Supremo.

Several leading prosecutors in the case have cut their Easter holiday short and are beginning preparations for an ensuing trial.


  1. Foolish April Fool. Picture could not look more fake

    1. Ya, it would take more police than that to hold Bernie. :)


  3. I could only wish.

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