Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Reb Bull Racing sets new pit stop record in Malaysia

By Editor - 3 April 2013

With the talking point of late focusing on the controversy surrounding Sebastian Vettel's unethical overtake of Mark Webber, Red Bull's record breaking pit stop at the Malaysian Grand Prix went largely unnoticed.

The new record pit stop time of 2.05s was set on Webber's 2nd stop - 0.26 seconds faster than the previous record.

The previous record of 2.31s was achieved by McLaren in the 2012 German grand prix. That time was somewhat motivated by Sam Michael's offer to shout the McLaren pit crew drinks if they broke the record - which they did.

Whilst Red Bull's motivation stemming from the desire to win their fourth consecutive title.

Apart from the recording breaking time, Red Bull consistently set blistering pit stop times, most of them under the previous record, as shown in the list below:

Vettel Stop 1 (Lap 5): 2.13 seconds
Webber Stop 1 (Lap 7): 2.13 seconds
Webber Stop 2 (Lap 19): 2.05 seconds
Webber Stop 3 (Lap 31): 2.21 seconds
Webber Stop 4 (Lap 43): 2.26 seconds

(Data courtesy of Red Bull)

These pit stop times gave the Mark and Sebastian an advantage in the race enabling them to stay ahead of Lewis and Nico at crucial points in the race.

With only 0.06 seconds to achieve a sub two-second pit stop, the two-second barrier could be breached this season, and most likely by Red Bull.


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